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[Central Asiatic Journal] Central Asiatic Journal. Volumes 1 to 10. International Periodical for the Languages, Literature, History and Archaeology of Central Asia. A complete run from Volume I, Number 1, 1955, to Volume X, No.2, 1965. London 1955-1965
First edition Thirty-eight issues, original wrappers. A very good set.

The first volume, which is dedicated to the eminent Mongolist Antoine Mostaert, is devoted exclusively to subjects Mongolian, with much on linguistics. Part 1 has a biographical sketch of Mostaert and a bibliography of his work by Robert A. Rupen, as well as the following articles: 'On the Altaic Initial p-', by Pentti Alto; 'Qan-Qayan and the Beginnings of Mongol Kinship', by Lawrence Krader; 'The Turkic Loan Words in Middle Mongolian', by N. Poppe; 'Sogdiana and the Hsiung-nu', by K. Enoki; Mongolische Miszellen, I', by Pavel Poucha. Part 2: 'Zur Orthographie und Transkription des Burjatischen', by Udo Posch; 'Pseudo-Huns', by O. Maenchen-Helfen; 'The South Siberian Turkic Languages, I', by Karl H. Menges; 'Notes on the Renaissance of the 10th and 11th centuries in Eastern Iran', by Richard N. Frye; 'Das ozbekische Epos Chan-name', by Zeki Velidi Togan. Part 3 contains David M. Farquhar's description of the Mongolian manuscripts and xylographs in Washington D.C. Part 4: 'Beitrage zur Syntax der Sprache der Geheimen Geschichte der Mongolen', by Gerhard Doerfer; 'Die mongolische Steinschrift von Olon sume', by W. Heissig; 'Mongolische Miszellen, II-IV', by Pavel Poucha; 'Uber einige Benennungen des russ. Wortes rublj "Rubel"', by M. Rasanen.