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First publication of any part of the Farhang-i Rashidi: an important 17th-century Persian Grammar.

Tattavi, 'Abd al-Rashid' ibn Abd al-Ghafur; Splieth, Ludwig, editor Grammaticae persicae praecepta ac regulae quas lexico persico Ferhengi Reschidi praefixas e duobus codicibus uno Roedigeri, altero bibliothecae Reg. Berolinensis. Scripsit et editit... Halle Lippert & Schmidt 1846
First edition, pp.51, lithographed Persian text. An very good copy in modern half calf, cloth boards, interleaved and heavily annotated in both Latin and Persian in a contemporary hand, probably Spleith's. Title page foxed, and occasional spotting elsewhere.
COPAC shows 4 copies only in Oxford, Cambridge, Queen's University Belfast, and BL.

This first publication of the introduction to the seventeenth-century Persian dictionary Farhang-i Rashidi, completed in 1654 by the learned poet Abd al-Rashid (b.Abd al-Ghafūr al-Husayni al-Madani al-Tattawi, d. 1658) and dedicated to Shah Jahan, was the first appearance in print of any part of the Farhang-i Rashidi. The introduction by al-Rashid was one of the earliest serious attempts to describe the grammar of Persian, and the subsequent dictionary, though not present here, is considered one of the most authoritative, reliable, and complete Persian dictionaries. Ludwig Splieth, a German orientalist, also translated the introduction into Latin but it was never published.