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Stein, Marc Aurel Archaeological Reconnaissances in North-Western India and South-Eastern Iran. Carried out and recorded with the support of Harvard University and the British Museum. Antiques examined and described with the assistance of Fred H. Andrews and analysed in an appendix by R.L. Hobson. London Macmillan 1937
First edition, second issue, folio, pp.xix, 267, 34 plates, 6 in colour, 88 illustrations, 2 maps, 1 folding, 18 plans. Without the two large folding maps, Baluchistan and Kerman, and Kerman and Gulf Coast. Fine copy in original cloth, top edge gilt. But without the two large folding maps. It appears that when the publisher ran out of these maps he issued a number of copies without them. These copies can be distinguished as they are also without rear pocket.
Erdelyi 1.145.

A record of Stein's explorations, mainly archaeological, during the years 1931-33. Unable to work in Turkestan at this time due to nationalist activity, Stein continued his work "on Alexander's tracks" in the Punjab, the Shahpur district, Persian Makran, the Bampur Basin, Rudbar and Jiruft, and along the Persian Gulf Coast. The first copies issued were bound with a rear pocket with two large folding maps. As insufficient maps were produced, this second issue was bound without pocket or maps.