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The first western account of Vietnam

Borri, Christopher Relatione della Nuova Missione delli PP. della Compagnia di Giesu, al Regno della Cocincina. Roma Per Francesco Corbelletti 1631
First edition, pp.231. A very good copy bound in recent vellum. Age toning and light staining to text.
Cordier Indosinica 1917.

The first western account of Vietnam. Cristoforo Borri, 1583-1632, Milanese mathematician and astronomer, spent more than four years with the Jesuit Mission in Cochin China between 1617 and 1622 and became fluent in the local language. The first part of his Relatione is a systematic survey of Cochin China based on his own experience supplemented with other reports; the second part records the history of the mission and describes Tongkin.