Elphinstone's account of territories seized after third Anglo-Mahratta war

Elphinstone, Mountstuart Report on the territories conquered from the Paishwa. Submitted to the Supreme Government of British India, by the Hon'ble Mountstuart Elphinstone, Commissioner. Bombay Printed at Calcutta, in 1821. Reprinted at the Bombay Government Press. 1838
Second edition 8vo, pp. [2], 82, li, [1]. Bound in recent half calf, cloth boards. Some browning and spotting to text. Occasional contemporary ink annotation. A very good copy. A paper pasted onto verso of title page indicates that this was the official archival copy of the Collector at Tanna (Thane): "This book is the property of the Hon'ble Company and must be preserved as an official record".

The third and final Anglo-Maratha War saw the end of the Maratha Empire and a great expansion of the East India Company's territories in western India. Elphinstone was a key figure in both the political manoeuvring and the military planning. When war started he was British resident at the court of the Peshwa (head of the Maratha confederacy), and when it ended he was appointed Commissioner for the Deccan and reorganised the revenue administration of the former Peshwa territories. By the time this second edition appeared, Elphinstone's period as Governor of Bombay was over and he was back in Britain, working on his History of India (published London 1841). The appendix includes translations of documents and copies of letters to Elphinstone from collectors and other officials.