Monteith, William Notes on Georgia and the New Russian Conquests beyond the Caucasus. [Madras?] [1832?]
First edition, pp.40. A good but slightly soiled copy bound in modern quarter calf, marbled boards. Some minor paper repairs.
Four copies in COPAC, Oxford, NLS, London Library, and Birmingham

"The following Notes on Georgia and the New Russian Conquests beyond the Caucasus were collected by me when charged with the delineation of the Frontier between Persia and Russia, they were solely intended for my own use but having been often solicited for Copies I have thought it more convenient to get a few printed for distribution among those who had expressed a wish to have them". William Monteith (1790-1864) accompanied Malcolm's embassy to Persia in 1810, served as secretary to Morier, and was present at the Persian headquarters during the Russo-Persian War, 1826–1828. After the Treaty of Turkmenchay was signed in 1828, Monteith was appointed commissioner for the payment of the indemnity exacted from Persia by Russia, part of which was conveyed by him personally into the Russian camp. He was ordered to remain in Persia until the settlement of the Russo-Persian boundary. He returned to India in July 1832 where he was appointed chief engineer at Madras. This scarce pamphlet which bears no information on date or place of printing appears to have been printed in Madras. The second part is headed: Description of the frontier of Russia and Persia as settled by the Commissioners in the years 1828 and 1829.