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Akimushkin, Oleg F., Ivanov, Anatoly A. & Welch, Stuart Cary The St. Petersburg Muraqqa'. Album of Indian and Persian Miniatures from the 16th through the 18th Century and Specimens of Persian Calligraphy by 'Imad Al-Hasani. Milan 1996
Two volumes, pp.154, 243 colour plates, text in wrappers, plate volume in boards, slipcase. 1000 copies only issued. Fine copy.

A superbly produced facsimile of the original album of Mughal, Deccani and Persian miniatures together with calligraphy by Mir Imad-al Hasani, most of which was looted from the Imperial Libraries in Delhi by the troops of Nadir Shah. The album was commissioned by the Persian Prince Mirza Mahdi, and, in 1909, purchased by Tsar Nicholas II.