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Superb chromolithograph by Indonesia's greatest artist.

Saleh, Raden Een Boschbrand. A fine chromolithograph by C.W. Mieling, after the original painting by Raden Saleh. The Hague, Koninklijke Steendruckerij. 1867,
Original chromolithograph, 31 x 44 cm approx. Framed and glazed.
Bastin & Brommer, n.620

Raden Saleh was born near Semarang in 1814. His uncle, the Regent, encouraged his early interest in drawing which was later stimulated by the Belgian artist A.A.J. Payen. He was taken to the Netherlands at the age of fifteen where he took drawing and painting lessons from Cornelius Kruseman at his studio. Saleh later worked under one of the best landscape artists of the day, Andreas Schelfhout. He spent more than twenty years in Europe meeting many artists before returning to Batavia in 1851. In 1847 he travelled to Algeria with the well-known painter Horace Vernet. The engraver, Carl Wilhelm Mieling, was born in Germany in 1815, and first worked as a lithographer and publisher in Rotterdam before moving to The Hague. His printing works became known for the quality of its products and was granted the right to use the term 'Koninklijk'(Royal). This print is from his greatest work, 'De Indische Archipel". Een Boschbrand (A Bushfire), was first painted in Batavia, 1861-62. Originally destined for the Royal Collection in the Netherlands it was exhibited by the King in the 1883 Colonial Exhibition in Amsterdam. Its whereabouts are now unknown. This fine chromolithograph print was produced in 1867. It depicts two buffalo and two tigers in spectacular flight from fire on the edge of a cliff.