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Allen, Lucien Arthur Proclamations, Orders, Notices, Rules, Regulations, Declarations, Appointments, Forms and Bye-Laws made under the Laws of the Federated Malay States and of each of them. Prepared under the Authority of the Revised Edition of the Laws Enactment, 1932, by Lucien Arthur Allen, O.B.E., Malayan Civil Service and Amended under the Authority of the Supplement to the Laws Enactment, 1937 (No.23 of 1937) by the Legal Adviser, Federated Malay States. Vol.I containing the subsidiary Legislation made under Enactments, Chapters 1-44. Kuala Lumpur Printed at the Federated Malay States Government Press by W.H. Wyatt. 1939
First edition, pp.xviii, 417. A very good copy bound in quarter leather.

A complete collection of the laws and legislation of both the Laws Enactment of 1932 and it's 1937 Supplement, that governed the Federated Malay States before the Japanese invasion in 1941.