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Ipsiroglu, Mazhar S. Siyah Qalem. Vollstandige Faksimile-Ausgabe der Blatter des Meisters Mehmed Siyah Qalem aus dem Besitz des Topkapi Sarayi Muzesi, Istanbul und der Freer Gallery of Art. Graz Akademische Druck 1976
First edition, folio, pp.48, 74 colour plates, 8 folding, 16 text illustrations. German text. A very good copy in original cloth.

An attractively produced facsimile of the 15th-century paintings by Siyah Qalem, the "Leonardo of the Steppes", from the 'Conqueror's Album' in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul and the Freer Gallery, depicting everyday life and religious rituals of the nomad tribes of Central Asia. These paintings are the only surviving pictorial record of the central Asian nomads in the fifteenth century. An introduction by Ipsiroglu discusses their iconography, style and origin.