Magnificent lithograph of Afghanistan

Atkinson, James The third descent of the Koojah Pass. London Henry Graves & Co., and J.W. Allen; lithographed by Louis and Charles Haghe 1842
Coloured lithograph mounted on card, 24 x 36 cm. Plate 14 from Sketches in Afghaunistan. Fine example, framed by Academy Framers.
see Abbey 508

James Atkinson (1780-1852) accompanied the Army of the Indus as superintending surgeon on the march to Kabul. But he was relieved shortly after the surrender of Dost Mohammad and returned to Bengal in 1841, thereby escaping the fate of the army of occupation. The Army of the Indus crossed the Khojak Pass in three stages on its advance to Kabul. Atkinson sketched each stage. An encampment of the First Bengal European Regiment, with their camp-followers, is depicted in the foreground. Atkinson noted: "much difficulty was here incurred, in getting over the park of artillery, which occupied no less than five days of indefatigable exertion, performed by the troops, under a burning sun, with the utmost cheerfulness." He wrote that they were continually preyed upon by the mountain tribes who carried out "plunder, in every description of articles... rolling down heavy stones from the crags which overlooked the regimental bazaar, and firing into the camp."