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[Bazaar Avatar] Balakrishna. [Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman]. [1970's - 80's]
Polychrome gouache laid on to card with a black background. Original design for poster, 61 x 63.5 cm. Four small horizontal chips missing along lower edge, not substantially affecting image. Chipped and creased along the hinge of the strip. Card rubbed and worn on the edges and corners. Segmented with a horizontal strip on head joined with tape on verso. Signed in the image by the artist, Balakrishna.

The central group portrait shows Rama and Sita sharing a throne. Hanuman, wearing his sacred thread, and Lakshmana kneel and offer puja inside a decorative arch. Lotus flowers are elegantly strewn around the knee and foot of Hanuman, the monkey god, Rama's most loyal devotee, and Lakshmana. Balakrishna with his siblings Nirmala and Ramakrishna are third generation artists working in Calcutta. Their grandfather "...migrated east from Nathdwara in the first half of the twentieth century.." (Kajre Jain, Gods in the Bazaar, 2007, p.87) and his son, the Varanasi born artist named Ramu Singh moved to Calcutta circa 1960 (op cit).