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Crawfurd, John A Grammar and Dictionary of the Malay Language, with a Preliminary Dissertation. Vol.I. Dissertation and Grammar. London Smith, Elder & Co. 1852
First edition pp.ix, ccxci, 84. The Grammar only, without the Dictionary. A very good used copy in original cloth.

John Crawfurd, 1783-1868, East India Company surgeon, began his study of the Malay language when he was posted to Penang in 1808. He accompanied Raffles on the invasion of Java and was appointed resident at the Court of Yogyakarta where he also learnt Javanese. In 1823 he was appointed Resident of Singapore. In all Crawfurd spent 12 years in countries where Malay was the main or vernacular language. In the preface he thanks his friend Marsden, and acknowledges that "without the previous labours of Mr Marsden, my book certainly never would have been written, or even attempted", but goes on the state that his own work "is more copious than any of its predecessors".