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Forsyth Mission

Henderson, George & Hume, Allan O. Lahore to Yarkand. Incidents of the route and natural history of the countries traversed by the expedition of 1870, under T.D. Forsyth, Esq., C.B. London L. Reeve & Co. 1873
First edition, pp.xvi, 370, 38 coloured lithographic plates, 26 heliotype illustrations, 3 plans, 2 in colour. A very good copy in original cloth, neatly rebacked preserving original spine.

An account of Forsyth's first mission to Yarkand by George Henderson, Superintendent of the Botanical Gardens at Calcutta, and the expedition's Medical Officer, and Allan Hume, Commercial Secretary to the Government of India. Thomas Douglas Forsyth (1827-1886), East India Company Official, held a number of posts at Simla, Kangra, and in the Punjab. In 1870 he led an expedition to Kashgar and Yarkand, but after a thousand-mile journey through the Karakoram, and despite having been invited, he found Yakub Beg to be absent. In the first half of this book Henderson describes the journey through Kashmir and Ladakh and across the mountains to Yarkand. In the second part Hume provides a detailed record of the birds observed. Notes on insects, botany and meteorology are appended. Thirty-two fine colour plates of birds by Keulemans are included.