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Unique association copy

Kent, A.S. Old Tartar Trails. Shanghai North-China Daily News and Herald 1919
First edition, pp.153, 26 plates, folding map. A very good copy in original cloth, torn & defective dust wrapper. Author's presentation inscription on end paper. And, loosely inserted, author's 5 page typescript describing his encounter with Russian officials in Urga.

Kent entered Mongolia from Kyakhta and proceeded to Urga. In this book he describes his stay, the dress, yurts and customs of the Khalkha Mongols, and relations between the sexes. He also witnessed the Feast of Maitreya and a Mongol wedding. From Urga he headed for Uliassutai via Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia, and on to Kobdo by pony-post. An interesting and informed account, enlivened by the photographs taken by the author. An appendix lists trade statistics and principal trade routes. This copy bears a presentation inscription from the author and has, loosely inserted, a five page typescript describing his encounter with Russian officials which he omitted from his published book in case it caused difficulty on future trips.