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[Tipitaka. Suttapittaka. Khuddakanikaya] Vol II. Khuddaka Patha, Dhammapada, Udana and Itiwuttaka Pali of the Khuddaka Nikaya Sutta Pitaka. Revised and edited by the Venerable Arangala Siridhamma Thero,, Principal, Maha Viruddharama Pirivena, Dematagoda, Colombo. Colombo J. D. Fernando, Granthaprakasa Press, 1926
First edition pp.[4], iii, [3], ii, 204. Pali text. A very good copy handsomely bound in full leather.
see Geiger, Pali Literature, p.19, para 11 for description of content

Three of the seventeen works comprising in Ceylon the Khuddaka-nikaya ("Collection of Lesser Texts") from the Suttapitaka, one of the three major divisions ("baskets") of the Pali Buddhist Canon, the Tipitaka. The works contain teachings of the Buddha and his close disciples, the Dhammapada being one of the most important texts in the entire Canon. With a separate Sinhalese title-page. The date of publication of Vol. I has not been ascertained.