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Coomaraswamy's first published work, with notes in his hand

Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. & others [Ceylon Papers] Eight papers on the geology of Ceylon by Ananda Coomaraswamy, extracted from academic journals, with nine related papers by his colleagues. 1900-1903
First edition, approximately 270 pages (of which 85 by AK), illustrations. Bound in green cloth. Two pages of pencil notes in Coomaraswamy's hand are loosely inserted.

A remarkable group of eight scientific papers by Ananda Coomaraswamy, including his first published work, Ceylon Rocks and Graphite (1900), from the Journal of the Geological Society; with Notes on the occurrence of Corundum...(1901); The crystalline limestones of Ceylon (1902); The Point-de-Galle group (1902); Contributions to Ceylon geology (1903); The crystalline rocks of Ceylon (1904); Mineralogical notes (1904); and, with G.T. Prior, Serindibite, a new borosilicate from Ceylon (1903). The first paper, bound second, bears an inscription from Coomaraswamy to James Parsons, his assistant, and author of a paper on quartz in Ceylon. Parsons was lost in the jungle in 1909. A paper each by Coomaraswamy's teachers at University College, Professors Bonney and Garwood, are on alpine geology. Their presence, and the two pages of pencil notes in Coomaraswamy's hand suggest his ownership. The paper inscribed to Parsons was presumably returned to Coomaraswamy after his death. The binding appears to be American, and date from AK's period in Boston.