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Important source material on the Dutch East Indies

Jonge, J.K.J. de; Deventer, M.L. van (Editors) De Opkomst van het Nederlandsch Gezag in Oost-Indie, (1595-1610). Verzameling van onuitgegeven stukken uit het oud-koloniaal archief. 's Gravenhage & Amsterdam Martinus Nijhoff; Frederik Muller 1862-1909
First edition Nineteen volumes, pp.ix, 294; x, 537, folding map; xiv, 400; xv, 321; xii, cxxxiii, 293; xi, cix, 221; ix, clxxi, 403, folding map; x, cxli, 365; x, ci, 447; viii, lxxxv, 439; [Vol.11] x, lxxxvi, 503; ix, lxxx, 563; vii, cxliii, 551; [Vol.14] xi, lxiv, 370; xi, lxxxii, 396, xviii; x, lxxxvi, 503, xxiii; x, viii, 432; viii, 71*-150*, (433)-736; 130 (Index). A very good set bound in modern boards.
See Coolhaas, A Critical Survey of Studies on Dutch Colonial History, pp.28-29.

"One of the most important primary sources on the history of the [Dutch East India] Company", according to Coolhaas, A Critical Survey of Studies on Dutch Colonial History, p28. A collection of the most important parts of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) archives at the Hague, compiled and provided with lucid introductions. The first three volumes cover the whole of the Company's area for the years 1595 to 1610. The next seven volumes cover only Java, up to 1764. After de Jonge's death, three volumes (11-13) edited by Deventer continue the work until 1810, and two supplementary volumes (numbered 17-18 in this set) by L.W.G. de Roo cover Daendel's Governor-Generalship, 1808-11. An index (alphabetisch register, here numbered 19) was published in 1888. P.A. Tiele and J.E. Heeres' additional three volumes entitled Bouwstoffen voor de Geschiedenis der Nederlanders in den Maleischen Archipel (1886-95, Materials for the History of the Dutch in the Malayan archipelago) covers the area beyond Java, and is bound uniformly (volumes 14-16).