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first Azeri scientific work on hygiene and health care

Zardabi, Hasan [Azeri title] Gigiena [Hygeine] [compiled by Hasan-bek Melik-zade (Zardabi)] Baku Typo-lith. "Kaspii" 1914
First edition 8vo, pp. [i], 72, photographic portrait, text in Arabic. Publication of the Group of Moslem Students of Kiev no.3. Stapled in the original rather spotted printed wrappers, the upper with title in Arabic with a portrait, the lower with Russian title, loose in later limp black cloth. Overall a good copy.
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The first Azeri scientific work on hygiene and health care. Hasan Bey Zardabi, 1837 (or 1842) - 1907, was a leading figure of the Azeri cultural renaissance in the second half of the 19th century and founder of the first Turkic language newspaper in the Russian Empire, Akinchi (Ploughman), which became the forum for the Azeri intelligentsia. Zardabi was a secularist and proponent of education for the Muslim population of the South Caucasus; he is considered to be the first Azeri naturalist and Darwinist. He wrote the first textbook of natural history for Azeri schools "Earth, water and air" (1912) which described the theory of evolution. Zardabi dedicated a series of works to malaria which was ravaging his country, and wrote "Hygiene", the first Azeri scientific medical research in the field of health hygiene. Published in Azeri in 1914, it became a valuable medical work (Efendiyeva, Nigar Dr. Medicine in Azerbaijan. A Brief Historical Overview// Azerbaijan International (3.4) Winter 1995). "Hygiene" was printed at the Russian language newspaper "Kaspii" located in Baku and known for its struggle for the improvement of Azeri educational and social institutions, as well as Pan-Turkish and Pan-Islamist sentiments (Swietochowski, T., Collins, B.C. Historical Dictionary of Azerbaijan (Lanham & London, 1999); Russian Pedagogical Encyclopaedia on-line).