Catalogue 31:
The Languages of South Asia

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We are pleased to announce our latest catalogue of 209 items on the languages of South Asia, together with several major works on Tibetan. More than thirty languages are represented, with works spanning three centuries, from linguistics to literature and pedagogy to science and medicine.

Tibetan Art Reference Books: A Collection

We are delighted to offer a remarkable collection of 290 art reference books and 120 auction catalogues relating to the arts of Tibet and Nepal, including the masterworks of Giuseppe Tucci, Tibetan Painted Scrolls and Indo-Tibetica, the magnificent Tibetan Mandalas - The Ngor Collection, together with the scarce earlier folio sale catalogue of some of these mandalas by Robert Burawoy, Peintures du monastere de Nor, all in first edition and superb condition. An overview can be seen here.

A full PDF catalogue is available both in text and visual form on request. Price on application.

catalogue - from Conversion to Subversion

250 years of the printed book in India

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This catalogue features 125 works spanning the history of print in India and exemplifying the vast range of published material produced over 250 years. If interested in any item, please enquire.