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We have been dealing in antiquarian, rare, and out-of-print books on Asia and the Orient for nearly forty years.  We cover the Islamic world, Central Asia & Tibet, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, China and Japan. We are particularly interested in Southeast Asia, Burma, now known as Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia including Sarawak and Sabah, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Borneo, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. We also have a large stock of reference books on Asian and Oriental Art.

31: The Languages of South Asia
A catalogue of rare books:
dictionaries, grammars, manuals, Christian texts, literature.

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Our latest catalogue contains 209 books on and in languages of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sikkim, and Sri Lanka, together with several important books on the Tibetan language.
Thirty-four languages are represented: SANSKRIT, Hindi, Kashmiri, Nepali, Pahari, Pashto, Persian, Panjabi, Saraiki, Urdu, TIBETAN, Andamanese, Assamese, Bengali, Bihari, Dafla, Khondi, Kului, Lephcha, Maithili, Mikir, Oriya, Brahui, Gujarati, Marathi, Sindhi, Dakhni, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu, SINHALESE and Divehi.
Among the first editions of grammars and dictionaries published over three centuries:
1716   The first western grammar of Tamil, by Ziegenbalg (Item 169)
1762   The first detailed study of the Tibetan language, Giorgi, Alphabetum Tibetanum (Item 112)
1778   Halhed, A grammar of the Bengal language. The first book printed in northern India (Item 126)
1798   The Oriental Linguist. Gilchrist’s most complete introduction to Urdu. (Item 163)
1802   Rousseau, A Dictionary of Mohammedan Law (Item 64)
1805   The first Sanskrit grammar printed in India, by Colebrooke. (Item 4)
1806   The first English translation of the Ramayana (Item 5)
1812   The first printed grammar of Punjabi (Item 50)
1815   The first book printed in British Ceylon (Sri Lanka). (Item 193)
1836   The first published grammar of the Sindhi language (Item 155)
1847   A gift from the King of Delhi's poet to the future German Emperor           (Item 47)
1849   The first book on human anatomy in an Indian language, with magnificent colour plates. (Item 88)
1877   The first study of any Andamanese language (Item 123)
1903-28   The first edition of Grierson’s monumental Linguistic Survey of India. (Item 209)
1943   Three annotated proof copies of books on Tibetan by Hugh Richardson, from the author’s own library. (Items 117-118-119)
2003   The first comprehensive dictionary of Maldivian or Divehi (Item 199)
A number of Bibles and prayer books in Indian languages are also included.

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